Our Services

Full Design Services

L.C. & Son Landscaping is based in North Providence, Rhode Island.  We provide residential and commercial landscaping ranging from complete lawn mowing and lawn maintaince services to installing new sod as well as Sprinkler Systems and wood/vinyl fencing.  We can also design you a new walkway or retaining wall to change the look of your landscaping or just add to your property   L.C. & Son Landscaping has been providing quality and professionalism to our clients for over 20 years.  

Yard Maintenance

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature.  L.C. & Son Landscaping can provide the tools  and materials for your lawn to stay healthy and grow strong!

Hardscape Services

Ready to change the look of your landscape but unsure where to start? At L.C. & Son Landscaping, our consultants will let you ask questions and will develop a plan to make your landscaping project be all that you want it to be and then some.